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School visits

Visitors are expected to conduct themselves in an orderly and respectful manner at all times. 

Education sessions at Melbourne Magistrates' Court 

The Court’s Education Program is open for 2024 bookings. 

The program offers onsite sessions at Melbourne Magistrates' Court, providing students the opportunity to meet with magistrates, explore courtrooms and observe courtroom proceedings.

The Education Program has the following parameters:

  • education sessions at Melbourne Magistrates' Court are offered weekly at 10:30am on Wednesdays
  • education sessions are capped at 25 students
  • only teachers can book an education session.

Book a Melbourne Magistrates’ Court education session via the
Education Program bookings system

Refer to the guide to the Court's Education Program online bookings

For more information please email

School visits to all other courts

For all other court locations, schools must contact the Magistrates' Court they would like to visit, emailing the below details:

  • date of visit
  • time of arrival (10am)
  • name of the school
  • year level of students
  • number of students (maximum per group 25)
  • contact name of school staff member
  • contact phone number
  • contact email address.

You will receive an email from the Magistrates' Court you are requesting to visit once you have provided the required information above. 


Visitors are expected to conduct themselves in an orderly and respectful manner at all times. 

Observing students should leave adequate seating for parties to the proceedings and for other members of the public.

Court staff have the right to ask anyone to leave the premises if they are not following expected behaviours.  

When entering and exiting a courtroom, it is customary to:

  • pause briefly at the door and bow your head toward the Coat of Arms located behind the magistrate
  • stand up from your seat when the magistrate enters and exits the courtroom. 

The following are not permitted in the courtroom:

  • talking, smoking, eating and chewing gum
  • video or other cameras, tape recorders or two-way radios
  • the use of mobile devices. 


School students are encouraged to wear their school uniform on the day of their court visit. 

If students aren’t in school uniform, they must dress appropriately and are discouraged from wearing:  

  • thongs
  • caps 
  • singlets.
Last updated on 18 Jun 2024
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