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Court Fund

As part of an adjourned undertaking or diversion plan, the Court may order a payment to the Court Fund.  

What is the Court Fund?

As part of an adjourned undertaking or diversion plan, the Court may order a payment to the Court Fund.  This money is paid directly to the Magistrates' Court and then disbursed to organisations that provide charitable or community services.

What can funds be used for?

The money must be used for:

  • emergency relief
  • to address disadvantage
  • for community service for the benefit of Victorians.                                                           

Funds are not to be used for administrative purposes. Administrative expenses are those expenses which are related to managing and keeping an organisation going, for example, office wages, rent, stationery, electricity, monthly accounts, debts, or costs related to running motor vehicles.

How to apply for funding?

Only Victorian not-for-profit organisations which provide a charitable and/or community service for the benefit for Victorian citizens can apply for funding. Funding may be provided on a one off (for example, for a specific project or expense) or ongoing basis.

Applicants must complete the application form and include a description of the purpose/aim of the organisation and outline on how the Court Fund monies will be used.

This application must be submitted via email to or by post to:

Court Fund Administrator
11/181 William Street
Melbourne, VIC 3000

Each region has its own Court Fund Committee. A region may be comprised of one or several Magistrates’ Courts. These committees convene approximately once a quarter to consider new applications.

If I receive funding, what are my responsibilities?

Any organisation that receives a grant from the Court Fund is required to provide a receipt for the funds received.

When an organisation receives ongoing funding, a quarterly report is required outlining how much was received, how it was disbursed amongst the community and how any unspent funds are to be used in the future.

If you have any questions, please contact the Court Fund administrator:

Last updated on 19 May 2023
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