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AVL Scheduler

Court Services Victoria jurisdictions, Department of Justice and Community Safety, Victoria Police and other key stakeholders have worked collaboratively to develop a new web-based scheduling system, the AVL Scheduler.


The AVL Scheduler enables seamless scheduling and coordination of audio-visual link (AVL) activities across the Victorian justice eco-system for court hearings, court-ordered assessments and practitioner conferences.

Go to the AVL Scheduler portal

Release 1.2.1 includes the following system changes: 

- the ability to request to book court location meeting room facilities to conduct a prisoner conference:

  • Court resources (meeting rooms – non AVL) can be booked at the same time as a practitioner conference. These resources provide a suitable space for practitioners to undertake their practitioner conference. 
  • Currently Bendigo Law Courts is the only location where meeting rooms can be booked via the portal.

- the ability to book a meeting room at an available court location:

  • Court resources can be booked ahead of the required day.
  • Currently Bendigo Law Courts is the only location where meeting rooms can be booked via the portal. 

- amendment to the user acceptance message at first log in:

  • The message that displays at first log in outlines the system terms of use. This message is required to be accepted for the user to continue.
  • The message has been updated in line with the updated terms of use document.

A quick reference guide is available on how to create a conference booking.
Refer to the quick reference guide.

Terms of use

As a portal user logging in for the first time, you must acknowledge that by utilising the AVL scheduling system, you agree to the terms and conditions of use as published and updated from time to time. 
Refer to the AVL Scheduler terms of use.


An online learning module has been developed that explains the process for web portal users, such as legal practitioners, Victoria Police, health practitioners and other court stakeholders. Please note that the functionality to request a court hearing is not currently available. 
Go to the online learning module.

Frequently asked questions

For legal practitioners
Download the FAQs.


My client is in corrections

My client is not in corrections custody

How can I obtain the link for my case?

Where your client is in corrections custody, you should add yourself to the case and you will receive the notification as to the hearing date and time. You will be updated if there are any changes. The link for the hearing will be sent to you two days prior to the hearing. 

To add yourself via the portal, use the search function. You must satisfy the required criteria (when using the search function a result will not be returned for bookings that have a /silent listing or are a civil/FVIO or PSIO matter)

If your client is not in corrections custody, but the case will be facilitated via WebEx, the court will:

  • advise you to obtain the link details from the MCV website. The court will tell you what courtroom and time to link in. These are “open links”, where multiple cases are listed at the same time, like how open court runs. These are published on the
    AVL search page two business days in advance.
  • add you as a participant to the hearing or advise you to add yourself through the portal. This will then ensure you receive notifications and any updates to the hearing, such as a time change. These are more likely to be standalone hearings, such as contests or lengthy matters. The link for the hearing will be sent two days prior to the hearing. In some cases, where your case forms part of a callover for example, you may need to join one link and then you will be provided a different link once your case is allocated to a .
  • forward the link to you via EFAS or email.

Can I schedule conferences with my client via the portal?

Yes, where your client is in corrections custody you can now schedule conferences using the

No, you will need to engage with your client via alternative means.

How do I sign up?

If you are a legal practitioner
As a legal practitioner, you will already have an account that utilises data provided in your LSBC registration. You can complete a password reset from the log in page.

If you have an administrative account
If you make bookings for multiple professionals within the same business, please complete the online form at and request administrator access for that business.
This will enable you to see all the bookings that are made for people within your business.

Do I still need to use EFAS?

Yes, EFAS is the way you communicate with the court and tell the court how the case will be proceeding for all criminal cases, not just matters that relate to custody matters or WebEx. If your matter does require a link, the court will advise in the EFAS response as to how you will obtain your link.

I am getting multiple notifications for the same case, why is that?

If you have been added as a participant or added yourself to the
portal, the system is currently designed to send a notification when any changes are made to the booking – such examples include a change of status of the hearing, or changes to the prisoner room. This is an issue that is currently being investigated with the aim to reduce the number of notifications being sent. It is important to remember that the actual link to the hearing is sent two days prior to hearing, and the notification is to confirm you are attached to the hearing.

Last updated on 04 Dec 2023
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