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eDocs Portal

A web portal for external court users to securely exchange documents with courts

eDocs is a web portal for external court users to securely exchange documents digitally with courts without the need for physical interaction.

eDocs Portal URL:

External court users can use the eDocs Portal for electronic lodgement of new documents and to file on existing cases for all jurisdictions across the Magistrates' Court of Victoria and Children's Court of Victoria, excluding child protection.  

As of 3 October 2022, with the launch of the CMS Portal, civil filings are no longer available via the eDocs Portal.
Refer to the Forms and fees page for more information on filing of civil documents via the CMS Portal.

Forms in and out of scope for eDocs

While most forms are included in eDocs, there are several forms that were not included in the initial eDocs release, but may be included in future releases.

Refer to the forms quick reference guide for a summary of which forms can be filed with eDocs and which forms continue to be filed with current process, and the full list of forms able to be lodged in the eDocs Portal.

This is the initial stage of a broader Case Management System that will be rolled out over the next couple of years.

Please note: self-represented parties are not included in the implementation of eDocs.

To find out more go to the eDocs Portal or email

For more about the CMS Portal visit the CMS Help Centre.

Last updated on 30 Sep 2022
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