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CMS Portal

The CMS Portal is its civil release — the second phase of the journey in moving from hard copy documents to digital filing, reducing the need to physically attend court. 

As part of the work to modernise how our justice system receives, stores, files and distributes information, the Case Management System (CMS) Portal signals the start of the broader transition to consolidate the majority of systems associated with case management.  

Go to the CMS Portal.

For more information visit the the CMS Help Centre.

In the civil jurisdiction, the CMS portal provides court users the ability to:  

  • request and gain access to a case lodged within the system
  • sign and/or authorise a document or form electronically
  • update stored payment details
  • receive email notifications
  • view/search their own filings
  • lodge payments and refunds.

Court users can also undertake a civil hearing search via the
CMS Portal hearing search.

This functionality replaces EFAS and does not require a login to access the hearing search for civil matters.

Please note: civil court documents have been moved from eDocs to the CMS Portal.

All other jurisdictions of the Magistrates' Court of Victoria and Children’s Court of Victoria will continue to use eDocs while we progress the transition to the CMS Portal.

Last updated on 26 May 2023
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