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Online Court portal for document lodgement goes live

In a first for the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria and Children’s Court of Victoria a web portal, called eDocs, is being launched today for external court users to electronically lodge documents.

The eDocs Portal is the first part of a broader case management system (CMS) that will be rolled out over the next few years. eDocs includes all jurisdictions across MCV.

eDocs Portal


Documents set out in the eDocs Portal forms list are available to be lodged with MCV in accordance with the eDocs Portal roll out schedules. View the schedules and the full list of forms available on the eDocs Portal page.

eDocs creates a more efficient way for court users to interact with the courts by enabling:

  • filing and management of case documents electronically
  • viewing, tracking and downloading of documents when needed
  • email notifications when documents have been progressed
  • lodgement of payments and process refunds online (where relevant). 

The eDocs Portal is being implemented at MCV across Victoria from November through to January 2021. This means a staged roll out approach both for court locations and external court users. Find out more information on the roll out schedules on the eDocs Portal page.

Judge Lisa Hannan, Chief Magistrate of the Magistrates' Court of Victoria says: "This is a significant step in the ongoing digital transformation of the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria, which includes a new CMS for the Magistrates’ and Children’s courts."

"eDocs not only responds to the current COVID-19 environment, it strives to provide a more effective and secure pathway for lodging and management of documents in our courts," says Judge Hannan.

Judge Amanda Chambers, President of the Children's Court of Victoria says: "A new CMS will bring great benefits for magistrates, staff and court users by delivering more efficient electronic and online processes." 

"The eDocs portal is the first step for the new CMS and provides the ability for Court forms to be lodged electronically. It is a fit-for-purpose technology solution that offers an improved way to interact with the Court," says Judge Chambers.

To find out more about the eDocs Portal go to the Portal help centre or email

About the CMS Project

eDocs is the first release of the new CMS solution that replaces the Courts current case management systems once fully implemented.

The new CMS solution will be the one-point of entry for all cases in the Court, and aims to make court processes more efficient, through minimising manual practices and where appropriate moving some court processes online.  Find out more on the CMS Project here

Last updated on 17 Nov 2020
Last updated on 17 Nov 2020
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